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Travelling In Thailand Suggestions And Safety

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Thailand Holiday Suggestions, Safety Suggestions

Travelling for a vacation is what most people do to feel relaxed and stress free. Millions of tourists travel to Thailand each year making the country one of the world's top tourists destinations. The country has something to interest everyone, fast pace city life combines with traditional countryside living. If you are a nature lover, a trip to Thailand will be a valuable experience. Nature parks, waterfalls, hills, beaches and sparkling seas are something that will amaze you. The delicious food of Thailand has also impressed visitors to the country, spicey and hot is the theme for most Thai food dishes. Every country has it's own traditions and geographical terrain, understanding these is important to have a safe and happy vacation in Thailand. For example, driving in Thailand can be fun as most roads are well maintained. However, drunken driving is a serious problem during long vacations. While it goes without saying that drunken driving is a serious offence, it is a good idea to drive carefully even if you are not drunk. Most of the rich natural landscape in Thailand is beyond the prominent city of Bangkok, this might raise an issue with language problems. Similarly, a sightseeing trip to a nature park or waterfall can be fun but, a few precautions are in order. We try to discuss various issues related to travel in Thailand, the information is general and will often apply to most other countries too. It is interesting to note that many people visiting the country come in as tourists and are so impressed by the hospitality of Thai people that, they either come back for another vacation or come back to set up a business in the country. It goes without saying that, you should respect the traditions and culture of the local country during your visit.

Thailand holiday vacation, safety suggestions. The natural beauty of Thailand has attracted many tourists to the country. One of the interesting sightseeing places that you should visit on your vacation in Thailand are waterfalls. The greenery of the forests in Thai natural parks is simply amazing. Waterfalls with their natural landscape of water weathered rocks are a great way to relax. Many waterfalls in Thailand are home to thousands of fish, don't be surprised if you come across fish that feed on long green beans! Prepare yourself to visit places like natural parks and waterfalls. It is best to get someone who knows the local terrain to do the driving. If you are taking a holiday in Thailand with family and children, keep a close watch on the kids. The excitement and thrill of such natural surroundings can overwhelm children. Rocks near waterfalls can be slippery, accidents can be painful and tragic. It is not advisable to walk on the rocks barefoot and high heels might not be the best choice for shoes on such trips. Do not venture on such sightseeing trips if you are under the influence of alcohol. We have put together an amazing collection of images of waterfalls in Thailand. Such places can get very crowded on weekends and during long holidays, so plan your sightseeing trip accordingly. Our gallery of waterfall images from Thailand will give you an idea of the excitement and thrill. click for more

Thailand travel, the chiangmai flower and plant exhibition The Chiangmai flower and botanical exhibition was held in late 2006 in Chiangmai Thailand. The plants and flowers shown at this exhibition were mind blowing. Located in the northern part of Thailand, Chiangmai is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. The hills and natural beauty of this province would appeal to anyone looking for a relaxing holiday. The province also has some ancient temples many of which are located on scenic hill tops. While modernisation has robbed Chiangmai of some of it's natural innocence and charm, there is still a lot for any nature lover to see and appreciate. A well known elephant farm is located among the hills in Chiangmai, a visit to this elephant reserve is highly recommended. One of the most amazing things in the Chiangmai elephant farm is the paintings done by real elephants. If you plan to travel to Thailand and visit Chiangmai, you could access the province by rail, road or air. If you are on a budget travel to Chiangmai by rail, road can be a bit dangerous with the hilly terrain of the region. Chiangmai does get quite cold in winter but, you might not need the very heavy winter clothing unless you plan to make a trip to one of the places on a hilltop. Most of the jade sold in Chiangmai comes from Burma, some of it could not be jade at all so don't make any high priced purchases unless you are very sure. View the collection of interesting Chiangmai photographs in this exclusive selection. click for more

interesting places to visit in Thailand, elephant show When you travel around Thailand you will notice that elephants have had a special place in peoples lives. Elephant souvenirs abound at tourist shopping spots, pillow covers with elephant designs, elephant designs on silk scarves and silk ties, elephant statues and even elephants in many temples. It might therefore seem that an elephant show is something that not many Thais will be interested in seeing. Taking some time off from their 24x7 schedules, a team from Kaisilver set out to visit what was claimed to be a very unique and amazing elephant painting show. On hearing this we presumed that, we would be treated to some elephant paintings made by leading Thai artists and painters. On reaching the location we realized that this was going to be something different, but never dreamt that what we saw could be possible. A few big elephants held brushes in their trunks and painted pictures that were gorgeous and amazing. This was a very unique sightseeing trip in Thailand, the artistic talent of these thai elephants was appreciated by all visitors. The team filed this report after witnessing the amazing elephant show. The paintings were not random brush swipes, they were not abstract renditions, they were infact artistic in every sense of the term. The best of these elephant paintings was the picture of an elephant, painted by an elephant ofcourse. The works of some these talented elephants is included in the report. click for more

sightseeing interesting places to visit in Thailand Whether you are religious minded or not, make sure that you include this place on your sightseeing schedule while in Thailand. This amazing statue of the Hindu god Ganesh, is around 4 to 5 storeys high. What makes this big ganesh statue all the more imposing is that, it is placed in the open on a well maintained ground. The statue seems to soar up right into the sky. One more interesting thing about this huge Ganesh statue is that, most of the devotees who come here are Thais and not Indians. The place is located in the Nakhon Nayok province, not far away from Bangkok. When adding this to your itinery, try to combine this visit with some other interesting places around that area. This is because a visit to this location in Nakhon Nayok would take just around 2 to 3 hours. The premises also houses a Ganesh museum, a collection of Ganesha statues in various postures and sizes can be seen here. The local monk in this temple blesses the devotees and does something quite interesting. He predicts the winning lottery digits for the next lottery! While no one is sure of how accurate these lottery predictions have been, a large number of devotees seemed to have come here to note down those magic numbers that could turn them into millionaires. If you visit on the weekend be prepared to see huge crowds of Ganesh devotees. Keep in mind that, the place is an open area and it can get quite hot and humid especially during the afternoon. click for more

interesting places to visit in thailand An amazing park dedicated to the Buddhist religion. Spread over an area of over 300 acres the Puthamonthon park is a place worth visiting in Thailand. Located in the Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand, puthamonthon is home to a stunning tall Lord Buddha statue. The statue towers calmly and measures an impressive 15+ meters. Besides this big Buddha statue you can also roam about the well kept lawns in the park. Some very interesting plant arrangements add to the beauty of the place. Do not expect big shopping or food outlets here, the place is very calm and peaceful. Walk from the edge of the park towards the big Buddha statue and you will not hear the hustle and bustle of cars driving on adjacent roads. If you plan to take a holiday in Thailand, note this place as a very interesting place to visit. Nakhon Pathom is not far away from Bangkok, a three to four hour trip is all that it will take you. If you wish to combine the trip to Buddhamonthon with other outings, consider the Nakhon Pathom Buddha Jedi (Chedi), Wat Lai-Khing (Temple) or even to Kanchanaburi further down. Carry a bottle of water to cool off the hot sun, the place is generally not very crowded. A small shop within the park sells books, picture postcards and even T-Shirts with the tall Buddha statue printed on them. If you don't mind spending a few thousand baht (50 to 75 U.S$), pick one of the brass or bronze statues. Place them on your bookshelf when you reach home. click for more

sofa set made from cardboard, corrugated sheets The Kaisilver team takes time off to visit the Bangkok Packaging Exhibition. Moving away from the plastic bag and plastic box activity we saw some interesting and innovative exhibits at the packaging show. It is not easy for expats to know about the happenings in Bangkok since most of the PR work is low key and is done in the Thai language. One of the interesting efforts in this exhibition was the attempt to use packaging material to make furniture and other utility articles. One of these was an entire corrugated sofa made from cardboard (corrugated sheets). This was not a 'Do Not Touch' kind of exhibit, you could actually sit on this unique cardboard sofa set. A local university had a booth exhibiting some eco-friendly packaging material. The paper bags and boxes in this booth were made from the skin of the Durian fruit. An interesting effort considering the fact that the skin of the Durian is hard and tough and normally thrown away. Substituting this into the wood pulp (wholly or partially) that is normally used to produce paper, will save a lot of trees. The unique thing about this Thai university is that the products that are developed through research, are offered as technical knowhow to the commercial industrial sector. One large Thai corporation had a prominent presence in the eco friendly category, the entire booth of this organization was made from corrugated sheets. This carboard booth was enough to draw large crowds. On walking in we noticed that the entire furniture in the both was also assembled from cardboard and corrugated sheets. click for more

thai design, leisure travel. Graceful and gorgeous designs from Thailand The graceful beauty of Thai designs can be seen all around the country. When travelling through this wonderful country, make sure that you look for traditional Thai designs in all objects that you come across. As expected most designs from Thailand, reflect religious and traditional aspects of Thai life. Thai ceramic designs also known as 'benjarong' have their origins in the royal palaces of the country. Beautiful ceramic bencharong ware can today be brought at most markets. The price range is affordable and ceramic pieces can be purchased in all sizes and shapes. The influence of religion and tradition in Thai designs is very clear, Thai temples are places where you will see some very artistic designs. When travelling around the country and visiting Thai temples, make sure that you carefully observe every portion of the temple. The pillars, ceilings and even windows often have intricate carvings and designs. The Kaisilver team was also impressived by traditional thai designs carved on wood. A long and gorgeous wooden panel seen in Bangkok had some wonderful carvings done all along the panel. Visiting another place around 350km from Bangkok, revealed a tremendous wooden carving. In this case, an entire bark of a tree was intricately carved all around the bark. The total carved area on this wooden bark stood at around 6 to 8 feet. We have also included an image of Thai design on traditional hill tribe fabrics. This is not the famous Thai silk but, pure cotton worn by the common people in the hilly regions of Thailand. click for more

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