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Diamond Engagement Rings

The Beginnings Of An Interesting Tradition

It was in the 15th century that diamonds were brought into the wedding and engagement tradition. Today you will find diamond engagement rings and diamond rings being wore as wedding rings too. The Venetians were impressed by brightness of the planet Venus in the evening skies.  They called the diamond 'Venus stone', obviously drawing comparison with the brightness and glitter of the stone. Remember that the goddess Venus also symbolizes love, the Venus stone (diamond) came to be related to love, romance and marriage relationships.

In 1477 history recorded the first occurence of a diamond engagement ring. Mary of Burgundy received this diamond ring from Maxmillian of Austria - he proposed marriage to her with that diamond engagement ring. It is widely believed that Maxmillian was at first, not very sure that Mary would accept his proposal. He was then advised by a 'wise' man to choose a diamond ring for Mary. The couple were married in August 17, 1477. It is interesting to note that the first instance of a diamond engagement ring brought about a successful marriage. The tradition of wearing wedding and engagement diamond rings began, it has remained strong even today.

The Greeks seemed to be aware that the diamond was a tough stone, a long lasting gem with  an enduring life. They named it 'adamas' meaning constant, unchanging or eternal. These are virtues which you would be required to keep a marriage strong and long lasting - another reason to choose a diamond ring for an engagement or wedding.

In today's world, there are many traditions and customs related to marriage that have been given up or at least abbreviated. However the tradition of wearing diamond rings to symbolize this very important event, has remained strong and enduring - much like the diamond itself. Cutting and polishing diamonds has today become a complex science - experts have determined the ideal number of facets and the angles that they should form inorder to get the maximum fire and flash from a diamond. While it is generally sufficient to invest in a diamond engagement ring, couples often seek matching diamond wedding bands too. With the demand for color growing in every aspect of modern life, the discovery of color diamonds has added a new dimension to diamond engagement rings. Research has even provided options to treat white (colorless) diamonds to give diamonds with gorgeous colors.


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